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Play Schools in Perumbakkam

Play Schools in perumbakkam


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It's important for babies to grow with other kids to develop their intelligence, knowledge and communication capabilities for survival. Children learn to speak, play, act, sing, dance and showcase their other unique talents during their prime years. Joining them in a play school helps in quick and easy development of their inborn abilities favouring faster growth and maturity. There are many reputed play schools in Perumbakkam that cater to the needs of these children. Parents looking to join their kids in good play schools in the vicinity can opt for global Rabbee, a reputed educational institution that has both play and preschools facilities in their premises.


Global Rabbee excels in their work by providing exceptional faculty, academic curriculum and amenities for their students. Teachers are trained separately for both nursery and preschools by conducting periodical workshops by the management. Kids are selected through admission process at the premises wherein the intake is open during July and September.


  • Day care: Children of any age group are taken care by specialised staffs during and after the school hours. Parents can drop their babies or kids for a minimum of two hours or till 7 pm everyday, where staffs look after them individually.
  • Play Group: Toddlers in the age of 1 ½ to 2 ½ years can join this school where they are allowed to play with other children. This sector helps kids to stay away from their parents for a period of time. They learn to observe, mingle and adapt with others in a newer environment.
  • Nursery: Children in the age group of 2 ½-3 ½ years fall under this category, where they are trained in their cognitive, emotional and social skills. They are provided with bags, twin books and rhymes CDs to engage themselves in daily activities.
  • Preschool: Children above 3 ½ years can join in junior and senior Rabbee wherein Pre K.G, L.K.G, U.K.G classes are conducted. These kids are trained in speaking, writing, singing, drawing and other cognitive skills for preparing themselves for elementary level education.