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What partners say about working with Global Rabbee

"Global Rabbee has been a journey, a journey which started a year and half back. A journey which has revealed to me my capabilities as a person and as a woman. It has given me an identity of my own. Interactions with children on daily basis has given me an experience, an experience of smile, joy,tears of happiness and mirth. Each day has been a challenge and a new learning experience that these little children have taught me. I, as an individual, as a mother, as a decision maker, as a head, have evolved to an another level."
- Seema Todi, Franchise Owner, MKB Nagar
"We are very happy to be associated with Global Rabbee, A Pre-School, chain in Chennai. They are providing children with a holistic development, the foundation program. Their curriculum is very good. When a child is coming from Global Rabbee for interview, we are seeing the higher standard in them and you know they are first priority, we are giving for selection process. My best wishes to Global Rabbee, to expand the same way,to develop the children and giving them to Narayana School, for preparing them for tomorrow."
- Mrs. Pushpalatha, DGM, Narayana Schools

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