Molding Your Children Towards Building a Better Society

Pioneers in Preschool and Primary Education in Chennai

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Global Rabbes is the best preschool in Chennai, having over a decade of experience in primary and preschool education. we have four branches in Chennai. We have pioneered a new paradigm in learning and sparked a movement that has revolutionized the face of preschool and primary education in Chennai.

Global Rabees seeks to teach children to survive and thrive in an incredibly disruptive external world by equipping them with the necessary skills and habits. At Global Rabee, we aim to provide a high-quality learning environment to nurture each child's individuality.


From the Central Head's Desk

Welcome to Global Rabee. We are delighted to invite you to one of Chennai's most popular preschool and primary education programs.We recognize that parents want their children to have access to the greatest preschool and elementary education. As a result, our primary goal is to provide each kid with a high-quality learning environment.
Our innovative curriculum helps toddlers prepare for the outside world by equipping them with the necessary skills and habits. We think that the preschool that a child attends is their fi rst learning experience outside of the house, so we make every eff ort to make it enriching and memorable. Visit us for an enjoyable global rabee experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to preserve that uniqueness in every child and enrich them with the power of knowledge. We are building a network of pre-schools that spans over the geography providing gold standard primary education to children under the age of 5. Our approach and methods have proved to be highly effective in sharpening the skills and nurturing the talents of all the children.

Our Mission

Global Rabbee’s mission is to make the first step of every child in all the aspect of their life perfect and to prepare them for a bright future. We are heading towards making a valuable contribution to the world by being a responsible educational institution.

Our Values

We are focused on the real meaning of pre-school which is preparing the child for the higher schooling. We believe in making the child strong and confident in the basic aspects of everything she/he needs to learn. As an organization, we insist on high standards in each and every process we follow, which will lead to better collaboration and a successful relationship with our partners. Our growth is in the growth of every school under the family of Global Rabbee.

“ The society has given us such a great responsibility to mould the tiny wonders on earth for a better society of tomorrow. So let’s all join together in this endeavor.” - Sonali Jain, Founder