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Play Schools in MKB Nagar

Play Schools in MKB Nagar

MKB Nagar

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In a metropolitan city like Chennai, every parent wants their children to grow up in a good quality academic environment for developing their innate skills in the best possible way. Due to increase in feasibility of facilities, even remote areas in the city are equipped with modern and sophisticated educational institutions that offer world class infrastructure and curriculum in par with international standards.

The best age for kids to join a play school is during the first year where they are highly active and energetic for learning new skills and ideas. Their brain development is rapid which helps them to engage in different atmosphere and activities pertaining to their inborn abilities. It is highly recommended by paediatricians to keep kids busy during their prime years for developing their cognitive, social, communication and emotional skills.

If you are looking for a play school in MKB nagar in Chennai, then check out Global Rabbee, a rapidly developing educational institution operating from Sholinganallur with more than nine branches in and around the city.

Why choose Global Rabbee?

Global Rabbee is a established organisation with talented staffs, experienced faculty and compassionate caretakers who strive hard to cater to the needs of kids in the ages of 1 ½ - 5 years. They have separate programs for each age group namely; play group, nursery, junior and senior Rabbee ( Kindergarten). Kids are provided with a start up kit including uniforms, twin workbooks, 5 types of activity books and CDs with rhymes. The daily schedule is organised to update parents before hand and periodical updates of their kids are sent through photos and videos in WhatsApp group. With these facilities, Global Rabbee can be the safest and intelligent choice for your kids in MKB nagar.