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Play Schools in iyyapanthangal

Play Schools in iyyapanthangal


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Global Rabbee in Iyyappanthangal offers a professional academic environment for children between the age group of 1 ½ - 5 years. It has unique facilities for kids to play, learn and develop their innate qualities. Every child is individually taken care by the teachers and supporting staffs to empower them for a greater future. If you are resident of Iyyappanthangal, then avail this opportunity to give your kid the best educational experience in the beginning stages of their life.


  • Air Conditioned brightly decorated classrooms with blackboard
  • Ventilated corridors
  • Outdoor play area equipped with toys and games
  • Clean rest rooms and hygienic lunch rooms
  • Kids-friendly furniture
  • Omni cars forTransportation


  • Organised Day Plan: Teachers prepare an activity chart for kids including their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly events for helping parents understand the everyday roles of their kids.
  • Twin Book System: Children are provided with two sets of similar class and home work activity book for ensuring better practice and understanding of the subjects.
  • Work/Play Sessions: The daily schedule comprises of one work session including activities while another play session with outdoor and indoor games such as sand and pool play.


  • Live Watch: Parents are allowed to monitor their child’s activities in the school through the 24/7 CCTV cameras enabled at the premises. There is a huge monitor at the front of the building where parents can watch their kids engaging in several activities daily.
  • WhatsApp Parents Group: The only management that has created a separate WhatsApp group for the students’ parents to interact with them on a daily basis. Videos of their kids are posted regularly in the group along with live updates on their daily schedule.
  • Monthly Field Trips: Based on the occasions or activity, children are taken for short trips in and around the city for fun and better understanding of the topic after getting proper conscience from the parents.